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Since 1940, we have formed a "FAST AND EASY" program to renew or become a notary in Florida. We are your primary Florida notarial provider to securely purchase your low cost required notary bond, stamps, seals and supplies. BUY IT NOW!

  • FREE online education course offered by the Department of State.
  • Priority application processing is available.
  • Your 100% total satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Toll Free telephone assistance during full term of your commission.

Important State of Florida Notary Links:
New Notaries take the required FREE Online Notary Education Course
Notary Change of Name Form
Notary Change of Address Form
Governor's Reference Manual For Notaries Public

Remote Online Notarization (RON)What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Remote online notarization, or “RON” as it’s frequently called, is a 100% online video notary system that allows documents to be signed and notarized over the Internet instead of being physically present in the same room. Authorized remote online notaries in Florida can now notarize electronic documents for clients located anywhere in the United States. 

How to Become a Remote Online Notary (RON) in Florida:
Click here for (RON) instructions, application and packages.

IMPORTANT - Help avoid costly delays: Send your notary application directly to us for error proofing review. Email to: checkmyapp@notarybonding.com

Click Here for step by step directions to obtain a new or renewal notary in Florida

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